Planning a Stress Free Wedding, Part 2

Who’s wedding is this anyways! 
Most friends and family members like to have a say in planning your wedding. Especially if they're donating to the cause. This is sometimes an uncomfortable conversation. But once said in a loving and firm way, end of story. With headstrong relatives and friends, let them know that their suggestions are welcome. Then there’s the other side of the coin. That is accepting help is not a bad thing. The bride and groom have a large part in the wedding planning. But at the same time, some outside help from friends and family who are willing, comes in quite handy. Trusted friends and family will most likely love to help out. They can errands, finish projects and other tasks that need attention.

Keeping it on the smaller side
This is sometimes hard, but if you have a smaller budget, it’s a good idea. It is possible to cut down the guest list, consider close family and close friends first, then others. One of a few benefits is, you won‘t be spending most of the time talking to guests. You wI’ll be spending that time with your love on your special day. It‘s up to you though. But less is more sometimes.

Others know stuff!
Ask your recently married friends about wedding vendors, also google it. Check their reviews. Then call and meet with some vendors for some quotes. Compare their reputations and prices. If you like a vendor and the price is right, then there you’re set! This will save you time and money.

Worry worry worry?
Many couples spend a lot of time worrying. About what people are doing or not doing. So look after yourself and try and keep calm. You have delegated task to capable friends and family. You’ve done the planning, you have people helping you, that you trust. Try and let go of the negative thoughts, and enjoy your special day...

A second thought
There’s going to be a lot going on, and yes it can be overwhelming. Consider hiring a wedding planner. They have a lot of wedding experience, organize and get things done!

Bottom line
A marriage is about 2 people in love, making a commitment. Focus on this, keep it as simple as you can and try to relax. And a little help from your friends and family is a good thing sometimes. Have a happy event my friend…

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