About Us

Oh the Beauty of a Bride and the Wedding! I have always loved Beautiful, Girly, Bridal, Blingy things. One thing was my first thought about getting into the industry, was when I was in my daughters wedding in 2009. I wore a long black satin dress with cap sleeves, that my daughter picked out for me. Mind you, I'm not a huge girl, or maybe a little voluptuous. What ever the case, oh my! I did not like the way my arms looked in those pictures :0(  and I realized the wedding was not all about me, so I decided to just have a nice time, which I did. But I so wanted to look nicer for my baby girls big day.

I kept thinking, oh... if I could have only had some attachable sheer black sheer sleeves at the time, that would solve my big issue and I would have felt so much better. Or long sleeves with little lace appliques on them, how nice that would have been. Well in hindsight, I was thinking, wow I'm probably not the only one that feels this way. Then I thought of all the brides and mothers of the brides, the aunts and even the young ladies that are a little self conscious about their arms, like me. That's actually when it first started, my obsession to make and create the most beautiful, feminine, lovely, blingy and what ever else a girl needs to feel her most beautiful when she’s all dressed up with friends and family for a special event, evening out and especially on her Wedding day...

Oh and we had tiny little cute flowers in our hair at the wedding. Hmm... I liked them, but now I wish we would have had some gorgeous realistic Bridal Flower clips, crystal combs, or headbands like here on our site instead. So that's why we put this site together and started creating the most beautiful bridal hair accessories and wedding headpieces. Even Bohemian Bridal wear, Boho Headbands, Forehead Headbands. Along with that, we love detachable bridal custom sleeves, bridal gown boleros, bridal wraps, wedding jackets and other awesome accessories to wear at your special event. We are also offering these other custom made bridal accessories to you as well. Yes! Awesome pretty, gorgeous, beautiful things. So... pretty, feminine and elegant. Made with the best quality materials available, from our hearts to yours.

Well, sorry to go on and on and thank you for visiting our site, I hope you love the beautiful accessories and items we offer. And please follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter. I will follow you as well. I have my link icons available at the bottom of each page. We will be adding more items here every week, so be sure to sign up for specials coming up soon on our home page. Please tell us what you love. We can make most anything, we love, love, love to create beautiful stuff for our Girls out there in the world.


Deborah Shane, Owner